Hollow Vessel Support

Articulated Bowl Gauge

Articulated Collet Closeup

Articulated Collet Closeup

articulated tool closeup

Articulated Tool Closeup

articulated bowl gauge tool

Articulated Bowl Gauge Tool

articulated boring bar close up

Articulated Boring Bar Close up

Articulated bars utilize Hunter Tools #1 or #2 cutter assemblies. They will operate in a straight line or up to 90 degrees left or right of center. The top of the bar has a flat to accomodate the set screws of the universal handle and the bottom of the bar has flats creating the sweet spot for the Hunter Cutter Assembly. All parts are available individually.

Diamond Dresser

Quick and Accurate Truing and Dressing of Grinding Wheel using the fixed tool rest of the grinder.

Diamond Dresser in Use

Diamond Dresser in Use Part #0900

Diamond Dresser

Diamond Dresser

Half Inch Articulated Bar

Half Inch Bar

Half Inch Bar

Half Inch Bar hlwvslcu

Half Inch Bar Closeup

1/2″ Articulated Bar for hollow forms that utilizes the # 1 Hunter Cutter Assembly.

0720Universal Handle
07253 pc Handle Bushing Set (3/8", 1/2" and 5/8")
0725-13/8" ID Bushing
0725-21/2" ID Bushing
0725-35/8" ID Bushing
0740#1 Hunter Cutter Assembly
0745#2 Hunter Cutter Assembly
07603/4" Articulated Bar for #1 Cutter
0761Head only for #1 Bar
07653/4" Articulated Bar for #2 Cutter
0766Head only for #2 Bar
07701/2" Articulated Bar for #1 Cutter