ER-32 Precision Collet Body

Collet Holder and Wrench

ER-32 Collet System for 1.00-8 and 1.25-8 Spindle Threads.


Body available for all popular spindle nose threads.
Most concentric collet setup available. Collets available in 1/64″ increments up to 3/4″ diameter. All Adapters come complete with collet nose nut. Spanner wrench available to tighten collets.

0650ER-32 Precision Collet Body
0800-1ER-32 Precision Collet Body fits 1"-8 Spindle Nose
0800-2ER-32 Precision Collet Body fits 1 1/4"-8 Spindle Nose
0800-3ER-32 Precision Collet Body fits 1 1/2"-8 Spindle Nose
0800-4ER-32 Precision Collet Body fits m33-3.5 Spindle Nose
0805-1Spanner Wrench
0810-.2501/4" Collet for ER-32
0810-.3753/8" Collet for ER-32
0810-.5001/2" Collet for ER-32
0810-.6255/8" Collet for ER-32
0810-.7503/4" Collet for ER-32